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Episode 92: Food Month in the Bunker

Covid has, yet again, thrown us into remote recording. We make the best of drinking by ourselves in the middle of the day by having a rip-roaring conversation.
Firestone Walker’s Cali Squeeze Blood Orange Hefeweizen (5): We start Dissecting Our Fun with Trek 12, a legacy Roll-n-Write that teased our brains open at Moon City Con.
Lift Bridge Brewing Co Fireside Flannel Brown Ale (1): Somebody mentioned video game music near the Jukebox in Back, and Producer Ross has some things to say.
Stone Brewing Co. Enjoy by 42022 Hazy IPA (1): In Getting Lit(erature), we talk about the late trendiness of the “superman, but evil” trope.
Boulevard Brewing Co Tropic Slam Tart Island Ale (5): Ask Mixed Six debates the questionable implications of gifting a game.
Lift Bridge Brewing Co Berry Blonde (2): The Bringin It Back team has been tasked with the revival of pogs.
Two Pitcher Brewing Nordic Jam Lager with Nordic Fruits (4): We’re Drunk Enough to call ourselves on our bullshit and discuss the cliche of pointing out cliches.

Episode 91: Charcoal Theft

We take a break from a life of BBQ-related crimes to bring you the latest episode. Keep your briquettes close and settle in for a listen.
Boulevard Brewing Co.’s Dream Vision Orange Vanilla Ale (5): Caleb is Dissecting Our Fun with Citizen Sleeper, a dice-drafting RPG that runs itself of you.
Coopertown Brewing Company Induction Summer Ale Limited Edition 2020 (3): Playing the Public domain is charged with redeeming perhaps the lamest vampire in history.
Firestone Walker Cali Squeeze Tropical Hefeweizen (2): Remember when directors used to get their start in music videos? The Armchair Directors head to the Jukebox in Back and theorize a return to such bygone eras. 
Prairie Artisan Ales Peanut Butter and Jelly Squeeze Sour Ale Blackberry, Blueberry, Boysenberry, Dry Roasted Peanuts, and Peanut Butter (2): Ask Mixed Six talks about the Boomer fixation on WWII and the continuing mutation of historical myth. 
Perennial Artisan Ales Friendship Update IPA (3): The Binge Bingers watched Moon Knight and can’t help but wonder about “street-level” superhero stories that end in a kaiju fight.
Goose Island Beer Co Neon Bear Hug IPA (4): Drunk Enough wants to understand why a personal code — actually upheld — feels so rare and wrong.

Episode 90: Post-Dignity

Spencer, Producer Ross, and the trash golem that used to be Caleb are back podcasting again. Let’s hit it!
Boulevard Brewing Co Sticky Bun Alert! Sticky Cinnamon Bun Ale (4): We’re Dissecting Our Fun with Horrified, a cryptid riff on the Arkham Horror style game with tantalizingly LESS features.
Destihl Brewery Dosvidanya Bourbon Barrel-Aged Russian-Style Imperial Stout with Caco Nibs, Cinnamon, and Chiles (5): The Armchair Directors have hired Innervium to kill an entire concept in the mind of Hollywood producers.
Diametric Brewing Company Tezcatlipoca Spiced Imperial Stout (4): Fire sale, bayyyyybbeeee!
Torn Label Juice of Sappho IPA with Pomegranate and Spice (5): The High-pothosis needs to develop an objective measurement to judge the Ultimate Jack-off…Reacher or Ryan?
Hoof Hearted Brewing $120 Nachos Triple India Pale Ale (4): Ironically, the Professional Drinkers consume YET ANOTHER IPA while doing a post-mortem on the dethroned Bitter King of Craft.
Torn Label Brewing The Art of Mischief Pale Ale (1): Finally Drunk Enough, Caleb has gone feral and resolves to “get weird with it.”

Episode 89: Drunk at the Assassin Hotel Bar

We’re back like the Spring…meaning we’ll stick around for a little bit before plunging you back into the icy winter of podcast withdrawal. Enjoy it while it lasts!
Church Street Brewing As Above Sour Below Sour Hazy India Pale Ale with Tangerine and Key Lime (3): We’re Dissecting Our Fun with a decidedly unfun choice — of all the boardgames you hate, you have to play one? Which and why?
Pipeworks Brewing NvU v. The Haze (2): Brad Pitt has made…the same film a dozen other people have made. The Armchair Directors discuss why Hollywood keeps going back to the “assassin hotel”
Perennial Artisan Ales Daydreaming Witbier (4): Getting Lit(erature) is about the probably less-that-revolutionary Sanderson Kickstarter and what it means for the publishing industry.
Torn Label QuadJillo Belgian Style Quad with Guajillo Peppers (2): Mixed Six Asks YOU — we need new segments ideas. Hit us with it.
Perennial Artisan Ales Southside Blonde Ale (3): Some Binge Bingers are committed to shows far past the point of sanity. We try to decide which straw is the last straw in the world of streaming.
Pipeworks Brewing Greetings from Unicorn Island Lactose, Guava, and Pineapple Ale (4): We’re finally Drunk Enough to be old, and it’s only getting worse.

Episode 88: Drunk Enough for Matrimony

Con: Everything got snowed out and we recorded online.
Pro: Producer Ross and Maddy got married the next day.
2nd Pro: Noah from Thinking Too Hard About Anime is here!
Boulevard Brewing Co.’s Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout & Barleywine Ale (4): Istanbul inspires a Dissecting Our Fun about managing movement.
Perennial Artisan Ales Hommel Bier Belgian Style Pale Ale (4): The Jukebox in Back has a lot of responsibility tomorrow — it has to pick a song for the first dance.
Thin Man Brewery Minkey Boodle Raspberry Sour Ale (4): In We’ll Never B’Author, the gang comes up with the hottest new coffee table books.
4 Hands Brewing Co Hard Seltzer Apricot Almond (2): It’s time to Ask Mixed Six to clean out the library.
O’Fallon Dad’s Original Oatmeal Stout (4): In return of fan-favorite segments We Don’t Noah Anything, Spencer hath become weeb, but how shall he weeb harder?
Walnut River Brewing Company Cone Deaf Kettle Soured India Pale Ale (4): Finally Drunk Enough, we consider throwing it all away and downsizing.

Episode 87: Cleaning Out the Fridge

Producer Ross and Maddy are getting married. That means they need food and, more importantly, presents from Leland….


Shared by Side Project’s Obscura America Stout with Vanilla (5): We Dissect the Fun of using board games to teach critical thinking skills.


Capital Brewery Maibock (2): The Binge Bingers have delved back into the Witcher.
Torn Label Sea Trolls IPA (2): We’ll Never B’Author demanded a time story that made sense and…well, I don’t know what anyone expected.
Capital Brewery Wisconsin Amber (1): Ask Mixed Six wants to know if it ever makes sense to form plans again.
Capital Brewing Co Capital Supper Club (2): The Armchair Directors have to pick new directors for each trilogy of the Star Wars franchise. We can’t do worse!
New Glarus Brewing Co. Moon Man No Coast Pale Ale (2): Finally Drunk Enough, Caleb confronts creeping old fart syndrome in 2022.

Ep. 86: Beer Boosted

It’s a certain Producer Ross’s birthday, and Producer Maddy has finally landed on the beaches and annexed the studio. Join us for this historic occasion!

Perennial Artisan Saison Des Reves (4): Caleb Dissects Our Fun with Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective and promises never to inflict it on anyone he doesn’t love.

Broadway Brewery Perpetual Twilight Hazy IPA (4): Nerdsplainer covers how the Netflix Cowboy Bebop was always going to come to this, and why we should never invest meaning into this gag ever again.

Garage Project Hellbender Barleywine (4): Living with Humans takes on the sociological function of a house-warming party i.e. a reason to take all this shit out of boxes.

Torn Label Brewing HighTai India Pale Ale (4): Ask Mixed Six wants to know about the mechanics of gift giving.

Perennial Artisan Ale Vacation Dad Dry-Hopped Summer Ale (4): The Mixed Six Mock Draft is poaching other sports to create the perfect curling team.

Torn Label Brewing The Art of Mischief (2): Spencer wants to know what’s on the table for “socially acceptable fuck-around time.”

Threes! To the Max! Episode 85

Max from Good Brews Bad Views joins us from inside Leland’s storage unit for another scintillating episode of the Mixed Six.
Main and Mill Brewing Don’t Cross the Streams A Sour Ale Brewed with Toasted Marshmallow, Raspberries, and Lactose (2): Dissecting Our Fun wants to know when a game has been expanded enough. What’s the metric?
New Glarus Totally Naked – a Beer (3): In the long-awaited return of Bringin’ it Back, we’re helping today’s youth by resurrecting a lost toy of the past. 
Founder’s Brewing 2018 KBS (4): Broah wants to know the state of the ‘post’ pandemic Professional Drinking. 
Capital Brewery Munich Dark Dunkel Lager (3): Ask Mixed Six wants to know how to access new media when your brain won’t focus.
Off-Color Brewing Waddle Oktoberfest Lager (3): The Nerdsplainer’s tackle the nerdy obsession with plot holes and continuity. Spoiler alert: it was also a mistake. 
2nd Shift Brewing Bridget: Brettanomyces, Tropical Fruit, and Oak (4): Finally Drunk Enough to think we should drink more, we plan the perfect brewery tour. 

Episode 84: Drinkin’ with Commas Now

We invite fan-favorite guest Birk to join us as we drink our one-thousandth beer. 
Omnipollo Hilma Vanilla Burger Bun Crispy Fries Imperial India Pale Ale with Natural Flavors (2): Spencer wants to know what board game you pick for a first date. We Dissect the Fun of such a dangerous gambit. 
Perennial Artisan Ales Saison de Lis Belgian Style Ale Brewed with Chamomile Flowers (3): Innervium is just recutting music into advertisements because we’re out of money.
(Brewed and bottle by Rinkuskiai Birzai, Lithuania Crazy) Brewski Imperial Pilsner (1): COM Corner takes the marketing expert Spencer off the shelf to advise a listener on making a boardgame cafe. 
Tactical Nuclear Penguin Imperial (1): Brownie gave us our 1000th beer…which isn’t a beer. Or consumable by humans. We try our best to approach the milestone with an air of aristocratic nonchalance. 
Prairie Artisan Ale Sunday Service Hot Fudge Sundaee Inspired Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout w/ fudge, chocolate, vanilla, sprinkles, peanuts, and cherries (4): Mixed Six Mock Draft has 1000 beers to fuel our own podcast network. We start sending out contracts.
Flying Dog Brewing’s Cream Team Cookies and Cream Milk Stout (2): You may now ask 1000 questions of MIXED SIX. 

Episode 83: Con Conjecture

A lot going on in this episode, including the suicidal ideation of wanting to see people in person again. Join us!

Rare Barrel Brewing’s Pinkish (5): We Dissect Our Fun with Roland Wright, A Roll-and-Write about making a Roll-and-Write as a man named Roland Wright.

Rare Barrel’s One Long Wave – Golden Sour Beer Aged in Oak Barrels with Kiwi and Strawberry (4): In Living with Humans, we come up with 1001 uses for your failed business venture.
Palmetto Brewing Company Amber Ale (2): The Sportsplainer gives us a breakdown of the latest in fantasy football.
Palmetto Brewing Company Espresso Porter (4): FIRE SALE for the West Coast!
Old Bakery Beer Co. Oh Yeah Fruit Punch Berliner-Style Weiss Beer (3): In Binge Binger, Spencer talks Caleb down off the ledge of Ted Lasso.
Jailbreak Brewing Company Doubles: Double India Pale Ale (4): Finally Drunk Enough to dream of a Mixed Six Con.

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