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Month: January 2018

Ep. 30: Sunday Morning Love Triangles

Welcome back! We’re hear to paint tragic comic strip narratives and fix your love lives. You know, the usual stuff. Here’s what to expect in this exciting new episode.

Mars Community Brewing Ruby’s Tears Gose Style Ale with Hibiscus and Coriander: In Dissecting Our Fun, Jacob Derby asks about games that benefit from verticality on the Z-access.

Cathedral Square Brewery’s Repent! Rye IPA: Ask Mixed Six is all about our bottom three holiday songs. It’s going to be a tough pick!

Omnipollo’s Shploing!! Mango S’mores: India Pale Ale Brewed with Marshmallows, Graham Crackers, Salt, and Lactose Sugar with Mango and Vanilla: In Armchair Director, we lament the loss of Every Frame a Painting and talk about the video essay as a genre. 

Main St. 4204 Brewing Co’s Pecan Brown Ale Brewed with Pecans: This Was a Mistake deals with an anonymous listener’s tragic misstep — sustaining a romantic relationship without mutual sexual attraction. 

Charleville Brewing Co Box of Chocolate Belgian-Style Quadrupel Ale: Mixed Six Mock Draft is all about creating a tragic love triangle amongst the characters in Saturday Morning Comic Strips. 

Urban Chestnut Brewing’s Urban Underdog American Lager: Finally Drunk Enough and with the dust clearing, we offer our final thoughts on the whole Patreon fiasco.

Ep. 29: Drinking the Forms

Howdy everyone! Welcome back to The Mixed Six. Like Greek philosophers of old, join us as we stroll the gardens and parthenon, discussing the nature of truth and important topics of the day. But we’ll be more buzzed because our beer has more alcohol than that crappy B.C. wine.

Santa Fe Brewing Co Adobe Igloo Winter Ale Brewed with Cacao and Chile: In Dissecting Our Fun, people need to know the steps towards backing a winner in the tabletop Kickstarter space. We lay down our Mixed Six investment tips.

Big Muddy Brewing Blueberry Blonde Ale Brewed with natural Blueberry Flavor: The Mixed Six Mock Draft tasks us with curating the best compilation of one-hit wonders of all time. Spencer and Caleb square-off in the arena. 

Omnipollo’s Pleroma Raspberry Crème Brûlée Sour Ale Brewed with Lactose Sugar with Raspberries and Vanilla Added: Welp…we tried to poison Spencer. And then people Ask Mixed Six what to do about postmodernism gone too far.

Wasatch Brewery Polygamy Nitro Porter: In Ready Player Drunk, Ross and Caleb explain to Spencer about the dark underground economy built around video game coimpletionism.

Main St. 4204 Brewing Co Strawberry Juele: As Professional Drinkers, we couldn’t pass up a question like Chris’s: what beer represents the platonic ideal of the five-point rating system.

Ska Brewing’s Modus Operandi India Pale Ale: Finally Drunk Enough, we discuss the possibility of turning off the impulse to make narrative in this modern age.

Songs by Peatu from the album Memento Mori

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