We succumb to so many sins, so quickly, in this episode. Hope you enjoy it half as much as we did!
Prairie Artisan Ales Lemon Slice (4): We Dissect Our Fun with The Crew: the cheapest legacy game you’re ever going to fine.
Church Street’s Church Street Pils: Pilsner with Yusu, Meyer Lemon And Lime Flavors (2): Spencer Sportsplains the endlessly fractal moments at the end of an NBA game.
Off Color Brewing Beer for Golf Wit style Beer with Lemon and Black Tea Added (4): In We Make a Pair, Dante, Virgil, and the boys take a pubcrawl through hell.
Evil Twin Brewing Lemon Meringue (5): Armchair Director Spencer walks us through a retrospective of the most normie movies in the aughts.
Evil Twin Brewing What Our Age Lacks is Not Reflection, but IPA (3): Caleb does the parasocial thing too by trying to Nerdsplain is obsession with Cushvlog.
Melvin Eureka Zim Sen Baltic Porter (3): As more of us go full-time creative, the questions about agony of influence or grist for the mill become more important that ever.