On the plus side, Baz and Birk are in town. Adding to our many joys, this is our first in person episode in over a year!
But what boon could possibly wipe away the horror of food month’s return. The Ides of May are upon us!  
*apologies for the lack of ratings in the notes. In my defense, I was separated from my sobriety. I’ll have to relisten to the episode when they are added to the list.
Funkwerks Pineapple Guava Provincial: In Dissecting Our Fun, Caleb proposes an exciting new game genre to save society. 
Melvin Velvet Rut Imperial Smoked Porter: The Honorable Judge Producer Ross has been given an insane fortune. Which of the hosts/guest should get it. We launch into our arguments. 
Oskar Blue BA20 Vol 4 Zuccotto 202 Barrel-aged Series: VACCINE SALE
Odell Brewing Barreled Treasure Coconut Chocolate Stout: The Mixed Six Mock Draft is given aging sitcom stars a chance in the only game left in town: marvel movies. 
Off Color Brewing’s Well Fed Sheep: In Getting Lit(erature), we debate the morality of judging a book by its cover. 
Pipeworks More Melon: Finally Drunk Enough to admit it, some of us are going to miss wearing a mask in certain social situations.