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Month: December 2020

Episode 74: 2020 Beer in Review

Happy New Year!Hell on Earth is here and now…but at least one year of it is about to be gone. We celebrate and commemorate things best left buried in our memories in this year’s MX6 Beer in Review!

(Note: Owing to existence in hellworld, it has been impossible to track down re-ups of our Top 6 number 5’s of the year, so we shall be reviewing all new beers to cap out the solar cycle…we are just THAT eager to get out of this year, we are already on to the next.)

Off Color Brewing Dino Smores–Imperial Marshmallow Stout (5): 2020 was all about taking one for the team, so Spencer tried an imperial s’mores stout. Speaking to jumping on grenades, this Dissecting Our Fun is about designing 2020, the board game.

Bellwoods Brewery Grandma’s Boy Wild Ale Blend w/ Niagara Shiro Plums (5): The Professional Drinkers give out the coveted Brewery of the Year award.

O’Fallon Wheach Peach Wheat Beer (1): In Armchair Director, we pick our favorite films of the year. Spoiler alert: they are ALL depressing. 

Off Color Brewing Very, Very Far–Belgian Style Ale Mix Fermented with White Wine Yeast (2):  Resolutions, I guess?

Bellwoods Brewery’s Farmageddon Barrel Aged Wild Ale with Niagara Montmorency and Morello Cherries (4): The Binge Bingers have had time to binge and binge and binge and so they have chosen the three shows that shall be binged, forever and ever more, amen.

Kona Brewing – Kona Light Blonde Ale (2): Drunk Enough to reconsider the very premise, we discuss whether or not this year was anything worth remembering.

Tracks 1-7:

Episode 73: Still Need That Title

Welp, it’s Turkey time. If you’re not currently in a fist fight with your blighted elderly relatives, give our podcast a listen.

Prairie Artisan Ales Seasick Crocodile (5): Caleb has played New York Zoo. He Dissects His Fun with Uwe Rosenburg’s latest.

Stem Ciders A Salted Cucumber Apple Cider (4): In Sportsplainer, Joey asks how the copium is hitting with sports fans in 2020.

Odell Brewing – Isolation Ale (3): We’re throwing presidents in the B-hole! Finally!

Prairie Artisan Ales Key Lime Pie  (4): With it looking like Trump may finally leave office, Ask Mixed Six is about the single most absurd thing we can remember from the last four years of hell.

Carlsberg Premium Danish Pilsner (2): In Mixed Six Mock Draft, Turtle wants us to pick school support staff from characters in crime scene investigation shows.

Left Hand Brewing – Galactic Cowboy Imperial Stout (4): Finally Drunk Enough, we talk about activities we are glad the pandemic did away with.

Music, Tracks 1-7:

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