It’s a certain Producer Ross’s birthday, and Producer Maddy has finally landed on the beaches and annexed the studio. Join us for this historic occasion!

Perennial Artisan Saison Des Reves (4): Caleb Dissects Our Fun with Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective and promises never to inflict it on anyone he doesn’t love.

Broadway Brewery Perpetual Twilight Hazy IPA (4): Nerdsplainer covers how the Netflix Cowboy Bebop was always going to come to this, and why we should never invest meaning into this gag ever again.

Garage Project Hellbender Barleywine (4): Living with Humans takes on the sociological function of a house-warming party i.e. a reason to take all this shit out of boxes.

Torn Label Brewing HighTai India Pale Ale (4): Ask Mixed Six wants to know about the mechanics of gift giving.

Perennial Artisan Ale Vacation Dad Dry-Hopped Summer Ale (4): The Mixed Six Mock Draft is poaching other sports to create the perfect curling team.

Torn Label Brewing The Art of Mischief (2): Spencer wants to know what’s on the table for “socially acceptable fuck-around time.”