Spencer, Producer Ross, and the trash golem that used to be Caleb are back podcasting again. Let’s hit it!
Boulevard Brewing Co Sticky Bun Alert! Sticky Cinnamon Bun Ale (4): We’re Dissecting Our Fun with Horrified, a cryptid riff on the Arkham Horror style game with tantalizingly LESS features.
Destihl Brewery Dosvidanya Bourbon Barrel-Aged Russian-Style Imperial Stout with Caco Nibs, Cinnamon, and Chiles (5): The Armchair Directors have hired Innervium to kill an entire concept in the mind of Hollywood producers.
Diametric Brewing Company Tezcatlipoca Spiced Imperial Stout (4): Fire sale, bayyyyybbeeee!
Torn Label Juice of Sappho IPA with Pomegranate and Spice (5): The High-pothosis needs to develop an objective measurement to judge the Ultimate Jack-off…Reacher or Ryan?
Hoof Hearted Brewing $120 Nachos Triple India Pale Ale (4): Ironically, the Professional Drinkers consume YET ANOTHER IPA while doing a post-mortem on the dethroned Bitter King of Craft.
Torn Label Brewing The Art of Mischief Pale Ale (1): Finally Drunk Enough, Caleb has gone feral and resolves to “get weird with it.”