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Episode 90: Post-Dignity

Spencer, Producer Ross, and the trash golem that used to be Caleb are back podcasting again. Let’s hit it!
Boulevard Brewing Co Sticky Bun Alert! Sticky Cinnamon Bun Ale (4): We’re Dissecting Our Fun with Horrified, a cryptid riff on the Arkham Horror style game with tantalizingly LESS features.
Destihl Brewery Dosvidanya Bourbon Barrel-Aged Russian-Style Imperial Stout with Caco Nibs, Cinnamon, and Chiles (5): The Armchair Directors have hired Innervium to kill an entire concept in the mind of Hollywood producers.
Diametric Brewing Company Tezcatlipoca Spiced Imperial Stout (4): Fire sale, bayyyyybbeeee!
Torn Label Juice of Sappho IPA with Pomegranate and Spice (5): The High-pothosis needs to develop an objective measurement to judge the Ultimate Jack-off…Reacher or Ryan?
Hoof Hearted Brewing $120 Nachos Triple India Pale Ale (4): Ironically, the Professional Drinkers consume YET ANOTHER IPA while doing a post-mortem on the dethroned Bitter King of Craft.
Torn Label Brewing The Art of Mischief Pale Ale (1): Finally Drunk Enough, Caleb has gone feral and resolves to “get weird with it.”
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  1. DiplomacyRaptor

    Wonderful episode it was just what I needed today

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