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Patron Extra Episode 104: The Final Six

This is the last episode of the Mixed Six. We plan to create a public archive of all of our episodes at some point in the near future and we’ll post a link here.

Our Discord server is now public, so if you want to join the Mixed Six community, please hang out with us!

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Beer: Perennial Artisan Ales ESB English-Style Ale (2)
Segment: Dissecting Our Fun
Sub-Topic: The one and only: your favorite game of all time and why.

Beer: Off Color Brewing Pumpkin Beer for Cafes Ale Brewed with Pumpkin Puree with Tea and Spices Added (2)
Segment: Mixed Six Mock Draft
Sub-Topic: Greg Bennett suggests, “Armchair Director / M6MD: Turns out we haven’t heard or seen anything about the Mario movie because Chris Pratt tore his vocal chords singing all 5,000 verses of “Just As I Am” at his church. Charles Martinet declined taking the role of Mario on principle at this rate. Recast the Mario movie, casting for Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Bowser, and the voice of DK’s grunts. One person may keep the original VA if they draft them.”

Beer: Epic Brewing Now Serving Midnight Munchies Peanut Butter Stout (3)
Segment: Ask Mixed Six
Sub-Topic: James Burns asks, “Are you aging gracefully or fighting it every step of the way?”

Beer: City Barrel Brewery RAD AF (4)
Segment: We Make a Pair!
Sub-Topic: Copper asks us to pair alcohol and RPGs! What’s the best game for beer drunk? And what’s the best game for alcohol/liquor drunk?

Beer: Nova Easy Kombucha Peach Passion Fruit (1)
Segment: Living with Humans
Sub-Topic: Turtle asks “How do you like to handle being sick?” Go into a cave or be pampered by friends?”

Beer: Nova Easy Kombucha Sexy Mojito (5)
Segment: Drunk Enough
Sub-Topic: In 6 years of this, what was your absolutely favorite moment?

music is tracks 7-14 of

Bringing Classic Toys Back – Preview of Bonus Episode 101

This is a preview of The Mixed Six Bonus Episode 101, where we discuss what classic kid toys should be brought back, to teach the next generation valuable life lessons. Enjoy!

Listen to the full episode on our Patreon!

Tuesdays are for Book Club – Bonus Episode 80

If you’re not backing the Patreon, check out what you’re missing with one of our class Patron Extras!

Rare Barrel Creek: Golden Sour Aged in Oak Barrel with Balato and Montmorency Cherries (5): In Dissecting Our Fun, we’re tired of all these boardgame categories. It’s time for a new lexicon

Silver Branch Brewing Co Beyond the Nome World Saison (3): The B-Hole hungers for One, so we’re throwing entire collections into its maw and seeing what’s regurgitated.

Rare Barrel Brewing Passionate from Miles Away Golden Sour Beer aged in Oak Barrels with Pineapple and Passionfruit (4): In We Make Pair, we accept the law that says Saturday nights are alright for fighting. It’s time to schedule the rest of the week, along with sponsored beverages.

Palmetto Brewing Company Idle Speed Slated Lime Lager (2): Flood Sale! Let’s hear it from the East Coast!

Old Bakery Beer Co. Winter Gose Ale Brewed with Cranberry and Orange (3): Getting Lit(erature) is about the guilt of putting down a ‘meh’ book.

4 Hands Brewing Co Rockmelon Cantaloupe IPA (1): Owing not in small part to recording a double, we’re finally Drunk Enough to admit we may need a ritual of daily reset.

Music, Tracks 22-28:

Food Month YET Again, Again – Bonus Episode 73

Hey! Check out our what you’re missing on the Patreon!
Melvin Eureka Night Visions Vanilla Latte (5): We were sent a copy of Mandala Stones and would really like to continue Dissecting Our Fun on such great games…especially when we didn’t have to pay for it!
Ceylon Cinnamon Madagascar Nitro Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (4): For some reason, the fans of Cooking with Mixed Six want to riffle through our recipes. 
Prairie Artisan Ales You Gotta Horchata Imperial Stout with Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Sugar (4): Ask Mixed Six wants to expand the real estate of some neglected side characters. 
Stone Brewing Buenaventura Salt and Lime Lager (3): In Mixed Six Mock Draft, we’ve got to pick hobby game designers for a debate team. Hopefully, there’s some overlap in those nerdy Venn diagrams. 
Torn Label Brewing Goldihops American Golden Ale (2): We Make a Pair serves the public health by providing themed alcoholic accompaniment for your vaccine. 
2nd Shift Brewing in Collaboration with transient Artisan Ales Todd Man Out Lager Brewed with Oats, Pilsner Malt, Rye Malt, and Buckwheat (3): Finally Drunk Enough, we talk about the shifting pubic personas of our hosts.

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