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Beer: Perennial Artisan Ales ESB English-Style Ale (2)
Segment: Dissecting Our Fun
Sub-Topic: The one and only: your favorite game of all time and why.

Beer: Off Color Brewing Pumpkin Beer for Cafes Ale Brewed with Pumpkin Puree with Tea and Spices Added (2)
Segment: Mixed Six Mock Draft
Sub-Topic: Greg Bennett suggests, “Armchair Director / M6MD: Turns out we haven’t heard or seen anything about the Mario movie because Chris Pratt tore his vocal chords singing all 5,000 verses of “Just As I Am” at his church. Charles Martinet declined taking the role of Mario on principle at this rate. Recast the Mario movie, casting for Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Bowser, and the voice of DK’s grunts. One person may keep the original VA if they draft them.”

Beer: Epic Brewing Now Serving Midnight Munchies Peanut Butter Stout (3)
Segment: Ask Mixed Six
Sub-Topic: James Burns asks, “Are you aging gracefully or fighting it every step of the way?”

Beer: City Barrel Brewery RAD AF (4)
Segment: We Make a Pair!
Sub-Topic: Copper asks us to pair alcohol and RPGs! What’s the best game for beer drunk? And what’s the best game for alcohol/liquor drunk?

Beer: Nova Easy Kombucha Peach Passion Fruit (1)
Segment: Living with Humans
Sub-Topic: Turtle asks “How do you like to handle being sick?” Go into a cave or be pampered by friends?”

Beer: Nova Easy Kombucha Sexy Mojito (5)
Segment: Drunk Enough
Sub-Topic: In 6 years of this, what was your absolutely favorite moment?

music is tracks 7-14 of

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