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Last Call for The Mixed Six

Hi all,
As we discuss in Patron Extra 104, we’re ending the podcast. September will be the last month we post The Mixed Six. We will shut down the Patreon before October charges, then begin the work of moving the episodes to a backup archive. The Discord will remain up and active. The three of us can be reached there. No other shows in our loose network of podcasts are affected by this change.
The decision to end the show is mutual. We’re all still friends. It was just time.
The show started almost six years ago. A lot has changed since then. Two of us changed careers; one of us got married. We ran a variety riff podcast through three presidential administrations and a global plague. We all got older and more hungover.
Ultimately, while we love each other and the show, our priorities shifted and our schedules shrank. We decided it was best to leave the bar early rather than overstay our welcome.
We love this community. We’re so thankful for your patronage over the years. Your support has opened up our worlds to so many new experiences, friends, and flavors. We hope the show enriched your lives as much as it did ours.
Thanks for the drinks. Cheers.
-The Mixed Six

Party Fowl is Live!

The game we’ve been developing for the entirety of the podcast is finally here! Party Fowl: The Game of Drunk Ducks has arrived on Kickstarter. If you like The Mixed Six and want to support its creator’s, this a great way to do it and score a sweet board game in the process.

Click here to check it out!

Welcome to The Mixed Six

Hi all! Welcome to The Mixed Six Podcast. Consider this the culmination of countless random conversations, hours of gaming, and years of intentional liver damage come to life at Ross Payton’s kitchen table.

On this podcast, Caleb and Spencer (with the assistance and occasional wisdom from Producer Ross) consume and rate a mixed six-pack of beers (get it, mixed six?) while discussing a variety of topics, including movies, games, and the deep philosophical questions of our time.

You can find each episode here or on iTunes, and feel free to support us on Patreon as soon as we go live to gain additional content and actively influence the content of the show.

Thanks, in advance, for listening and supporting!


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