Look at this gaudy bastard...Birk is back, and we’re finally brave enough to admit something: we’re tired of all those damn trees with their arboreal biomass above the ground! What are they trying to prove?! Show-offs….

Anyway, we talk about Gloomhaven, manners befitting a hootenanny, and Producer Daddy’s love of grasses.

Haand Bryggeriet Odins Tipple Imperial Stout (4): In Dissecting Our Fun, Caleb begs his hosts to talk him out of buying baby Gloomhaven, aka Jaws of the Lion. Perhaps this was the wrong audience to ask.

Strange Roots Goedenacht Farmhouse Ale Brewed with Apples, Orange Blossom Honey and Coriander (5): In Getting Lit(erature), we talk about books that need a sequel and sequels we never needed. 

Spoetzl Brewery’s Shiner Weisse n Easy (4): In a return of a long-time fan favorite, we dive back in to Rise of the Manner Lords: the Ettiquetting. The Manner Lords solve the age old question: is it okay to volunteer for jug when forced to perform at a wedding hootenanny?

Delirium Noel from Huyghe Brewery (3): Ask Mixed Six wanted to know about our exit strategies for when all this stuff going on in America turns out A-OK-aroonie, yessireebob.

Prairie Artisan Ales Punch Sour Ale with Blackberry, Cherry, and Lime (2): In Living with Humans, we get our spouses pissed off at us for your entertainment.

Urban Chestnut’s Big Shark Lemon Radler (3): Finally Drunk Enough, we discuss the value of seemingly frivolous, but equally dedicated, acts of self-improvement. 

Music, Tracks 1-7: https://emapea.bandcamp.com/album/jazzy-tape