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Month: April 2018

Ep. 36: The Dangers of Couples Podcasting

Hey-ooo! It’s time for the Mixed Six again. This week, Sara and Brandy join the show to see what all the fuss is about. It’s twice the show with twice the hosts. If you like it, let us know in the comments so we can convince them to come back (hopefully within in a timetable faster than the year and a half it actually took to get them on the mics).

Destihl Brewery Wild Sour Series Synchopathic: In Dissecting Our Fun, we try to adapt some movies into board game mechanics.

Destihl Brewery Wild Sour Series Flanders Red: As the whole table was pretty obsessed with the new season of Queer Eye, Binge Binger is about our top three favorite makeovers from the remake.

Destihl Brewery Wild Sour Series Blueberry Gose: Getting Lit(erature) is about the books that got us all involved in this nerdy reading activity in the first place.

Destihl Brewery Wild Sour Series Here Gose Nothin: Ask Mixed Six wants to know which apocalypse or conspiracy theory we feel most capable of surviving.

Destihl Brewery Wild Sour Series Synchopathic Apricot: The listeners are feeling very bleak this week. The Mixed Six Mock Draft is about drafting a team of fictional educators to die in a zombie apocalypse.

Destihl Brewery Amra Mango IPA: Finally Drunk Enough, we get real about the dangers lurking within the couples’ game night. 

Song, Tracks 1-7:

Ep. 35: DeVostitutes

Our friend Baz is in town this week for an episode as jam-packed with content as Producer Ross’s table was packed with portly men. We got mock drafts, pairings, rapid fire question answering, and tasty beverages galore. Join us!

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales Bamarillo: Get all your boxes in a row with this Dissecting Our Fun about spatial mechanics in board games.

Charleville Vineyard Brewing Flanders Red: In this Mixed Six Mock Draft, we create three, competition-ready roller derby teams out of living political figures.

2nd Shift Brewing’s Technical Ecstasy: Is teaching English the same as teaching Rhetoric? Find out in this episode’s COM Corner.

Uinta Brewing Co Lime Pilsner: In We Make a Pair, we select the finest alcoholic beverage choice to wash down your preferred brand of philosophy.

Stillwater Artisanal’s Insetto: It’s time for a fire sale! All questions must go in this edition of Ask Mixed Six.

Cathedral Square Brewery’s Gabriel Double India Pale Ale: Spencer’s Drunk Enough to drop some musings about agency on his co-hosts.


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