Board games. Beer. Pop culture. And a little drunken philosophy.


Yeah! We did it! It’s the acrostic numeric double entendre! The kids love that stuff.

Deschutes Handup IPA (2): In Dissection Our Fun, we’ve finally gotten around to letting Spencer try Feast of Odin. He is understandably obsessed.

PH Brewery LTD Crafty Radler Grapefruit & Tangerine (5): In B-Hole in One, we chuck tabletop RPGs into the transformative abyss and sees what comes out.

John Boston’s The Point Pale Ale (2): It’s a FIRE SALE baybeeeeee!

Well Bombardier Glorious English Premium Ale (2): In Humanities Fight, we talk about the value of predicting the future in academic contexts.

Cigar City Brewing’s Margarita Gose (5): The Jukebox in Back is playing workout tunes. Sorry…tunz.

Family Brewery Huyghe Delirium Red Belgian Ale with Cherry and Elderberries (2): Finally Drunk Enough, we talk about the danger of defining yourself by escapism.

Music, Tracks 8-14:

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Ep 68: Recording What Now?


Ep. 70: Ukelele Herzegovinia


  1. Daniel Brown

    (Sigh) I love you guys and I loved this episode, but I was hoping to be able to send this to my girlfriend to introduce her to this podcast. This is an extremely alienating episode to any potential first time listeners. I was tempted to turn it off myself after the first 10 minutes with the “mouth sounds only” rating system.

    To be clear, I love, love, love this podcast and I’m a longtime supporter of the Patreon, but y’all need to put some effort into making the free podcast feed episodes more approachable to new listeners, especially since you’ve said that word-of-mouth is going to be your primary expansion tool going forward. I need to wait another month now until there might be a good episode to share with friends.

  2. Daniel Brown

    I’m rereading my comment in the light of a day’s worth of reflection and I worry I may have been too harsh. Like I said, it’s a great episode from my perspective. I worry that there wasn’t much marketing consideration given to this episode’s organization however.

    Yeah, I know “marketing consideration” is a phrase that Caleb probably rolls his eyes at reading – I wince having to type it – but I do want to SHARE this show with my friends.

    Based on the first quarter of this episode, I am the target audience. Not only am I a person that has fully bought into the concept/general tone of the podcast (that intro was particularly alienating), but I’m also a person that is so eccentrically familiar with movies that I can pick out the films that your rating system is based on off of just the intentionally amateurish acappella renditions, and I am familiar enough with obscure board game mechanics/luminaries to appreciate a not-so explanatory discussion of Feast for Odin. The problem is, I’m already fully committed to the podcast and a Patreon supporter. Save this sort of stuff for a PE episode and I would never think of complaining. Hell, even if I don’t like an entire PE episode (which has never been the case), there are three more full episodes I can listen to in a month, excluding Hot Takes. New listeners don’t have that plethora of RECENT and RELEVANT episodes (with Covid and various cultural/political shit – which is undoubtedly going to get more extreme in the latter half of this election year – only the most recent episodes are likely to connect with unfamiliar listeners) to choose from.

    Dammit I feel like the longer that I type, the more critical I sound, which was what I hoped to correct from my first comment. I really am just disappointed. I wanted to share this month’s episode with a bunch of my friends, but this was absolutely not the one to do so. Unless I want to pirate your Patreon, now I have to wait a month and hope the next free episode is more approachable.

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