Food month is almost over. Hold on. JUST HOLD ON A LITTLE LONGER!
Also, Baz is here. 
Danke Chain Oktoberfest by West Sixth Brewing (2): Baz, Producer Ross, and Caleb have started running a King’s Dilemma campaign online. We let Spencer know what he’s missing with this RPG/boardgame fusion. 
Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet Double IPA (3): In Armchair Director, we talk about the three blandest sequels we’ve ever seen. 
Boulevard Brewing Cherry-Lime Radler (5): With a sociology major in the house, we have a Humanties Fight to talk about the goth subculture.
Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc (4): In Ask Mixed Six, four dudes were asked to talk about the guilt of playing a problematic game. I guess we’ll try?
Revolver Brewing Hop Device IPA Hazy IPA (2): Given Baz’s legendary Malort prank, we select trickster gods to teach his ass a lesson in Mixed Six Mock Draft.
John Boston Summer Ale (3): Finally Drunk Enough to engage with reality, we talk about the worst possible arguments for reopening businesses “after” Covid.
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