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Ep. 21: Party Fowl

Quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack. Quack quack quack quack; quack quack, quack? Quack quack. (If you’re the target demographic for the new, original Mixed Six card game we announce in this episode, you understand what I just said). Anyway, the rest of the podcast is done in our filthy human tongue, so I guess I should switch back to English. We hope you enjoy listening to this free episode. If you like it and want more, don’t forget to back us on Patreon for tons of bonus content.

Rock Bridge Brewing Co Option #2: Maddy encouraged us to self-promote, and we can’t help but oblige. In a first for Dissecting Our Fun, we talk about Party Fowl, a card/boardgame we’re attempting to design.

New Glarus Brewing Co. Spotted Cow: The difference between imagination and reality when Living with Humans is perhaps the greatest pitfall we face. Spence and Caleb are here to help.

Harviestoun Brewery Old Engine Oil: CJ Asks Mixed Six what we should do with the term “gamer.” We weight-in because, you know, the alternative would be this weird, super-awkward recorded silence. Can’t have that.

Mikkeller Brewing Beer Geek Breakfast Stout: In Armchair Director, the crew lays out a cinematic curriculum for their hypothetical offspring.

White River Brewing Company Jam Up: Sportsplainer tries to demystify the Colin Kaepernick controversy for its good-hearted listeners.

New Belgium’s Wood Cellar Reserve Le Kriek Noir: Finally Drunk Enough to overshare, we confess to our artistic struggle with when to cut versus when to accept that a topic needs more attention.


  1. Rain by Alexander DosKach
  2. Lounge Life by Bruno Susio
  3. Jazz Fusion by Draganov Vaeceslav
  4. Democide by Nihilore
  5. Field Flowers by Raphael Duarte
  6. Soul Good by Raphael Duarate
  7. Corporate Technology Thinking by Roger That
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  1. Boyos

    Ok, Colin Kaepernick, I’ll fully agree the majority of his current situation is politics. But the other 49% is the hot bed that you drilled home at the very beginning. It’s his rushing ability. You had him, and Frank Gore my personal all time favorite full back as the bread and butter of the 49ners. And this is the problem. No one wants a rushing qb. Sure it’s a great asset to have when it’s needed but this isn’t collage football. Your chancing your full season on training towards a rushing qb who’s now risking him self to injury way more then a good pocket qb. Can Kaepernick be a pocket qb? I want to say from watching him absolutely not, and you can’t risk your NFL year around 1 playstyle that can not be just picked up on by another backup. He’s got amazing pure talent as a rushing qb but he goes down for anything minor out 2-3 weeks your backup can’t do what he’s doing you now have to change all your go to plays for something far different. The only team who routinely looks at rushing qb is the red skins and they already have enough political bs on them. And rightfully so cause old white man logic. There not going to even look at him. There’s just too many factors to not pick him up compared to why we should pick him up.

  2. I really enjoyed Spotted Cow back in 2011 on my last trip to the USA (I was at Oshkosh WI for the EAA Air Venture aviation event 🙂 ). Glad to see it made the list and was well rated. I would have happily taken a slab or two of that and Totally Naked home with me if I’d had the luggage allowance 🙂

  3. Wait… wait… no…. that this Caleb this Party Fowl its so much like the board game I talked with you about in needing help testing, and building. The heck man how did such a thing come across so randomly.

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