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Ep. 20: Does What It Says on the Tin

Another podcast episode coming at y’all — if you don’t pay for it, lucky for you it’s a freebie. If you do back the Patreon, you’re a saint and we love you. We’ll have an extra geared up for you next week. Until then, enjoy!


Deschutes Swiveled Red India Style Red Ale: If you want to get us to talk about a game, there’s no method quite so effective as buying it for us. In this Dissecting Our Fun, Maddie hacks the podcast to get us talking about Unfair.

Springfield Brewing Company’s Bull Creek Brown Ale: True Detective Season 1 is a memory we want unsullied by the disappointments of Season 2. We ponder our top 3 actor pairings for a hypothetical season 3 in this Binge Binger.

Evil Twin Brewing’s Sanguinem Aurantiaco: In Sportsplainer, Spence tries to explain the feast/famine popularity of Olympic sports as Caleb keeps chiming in with his utterly uninformed opinion.

New Belgium in collaboration with Anne-Francoise Villers-Devant-Orval Spiced Imperial Dark Ale Aged on White Oak Spirals: Ask Mixed Six wants to know if social media platforms are authentic tools for academic discourse. Two dropouts weigh in.

Tallgrass Brewing Company Raspberry Jam Berliner Weisse: Mixed Six Mock Draft returns as we comprise a rogues gallery of literary authors for a movie heist.

Founders Porter Dark, Rich, and Sexy: Finally Drunk (and petty) Enough, we dive into a bad review on iTunes and discuss why we wish our detractors were constructive critics instead of braindead far-right mouthpieces regurgitating the senseless phrase “virtue signaling.”


  1. Jazz Cafe by Ninelle
  2. Gandhi Rich Eats the Giant Quiche by Marcel de la Jartele
  3. Lo Sai by Fabio D’Annunzio
  4. Anywhere Anytime by Wes Ervine
  5. Walk in Rio by Angus and Friends
  6. Good Day by Mit Rich
  7. Chillin with Jeris Copperhead by ccMixter
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  1. I forget that people are having conversations over on the facebook and more as I’m almost the only person commenting on the episodes.
    Also my draft

    Weird Al Yankovic : Yes he wrote a book and he’s going too be the groups face because he’s a musician singer genuinely charming and a tad insane

    Clive Cussler : Remember that awful movie Sahara? He wrote the book series that is based off of and some of the books he’s written are insane and I want him to be my mastermind. That insanity also he knows all about marine stuff so yeah he also doubles as a driver if the heist involves water or salvage operations or a boat

    Theodore Roosevelt : Need I say more? I mean really need I say more? I mean Ernest is effective but I’m going to take the muscle who can calm a situation before resorting to violence, as the scariest muscle is the one who never needs to use his fists

    Caleb Stokes : Hey you did write a book Caleb and sure its an rpg book but it counts and that ability too do complex setup get the lay of the land and more makes you the perfect driver to improvise when needed

    Diplo’s-Inside Man
    Stephen Colbert : He made his living off of acting and the inside man is a face focused on infiltrate and what better then the guy who can be the charming geek to the eccentric sides of Weird Al

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