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Ep. 19: This Entire Episode Was the Mistake

I PROMISE YOU THIS IS EPISODE 19. We recorded this before realizing that we have to do a separate numbering system for the Patreon extras, so forgive our mislabeling. As you know, Producer Ross does not edit things.

Still high off the thrill of hitting our first Patreon benchmark, we made a terrible choice and decided to do an episode with beer of…questionable craft credentials. Hopefully the conversation isn’t dependent upon how our tastebuds are feeling. Listen to yourself and find out!

Anheuser Busch’s Natural Light: In Dissecting Our Fun, we jump back on that science game jam and play Evolution. It’s like Spore but not terrible!

Anheuser Busch’s Busch Light: Matt suggested we talk about our Top 3 2000’s pop songs; don’t mind if we do! We’re off to the Jukebox in Back.

Michelob Ultra: In Ask Mixed Six, Ben and Angie want to know how friendships change in the digital age.

Bud Light: In our 2nd Mixed Six Mock Draft, we staff the best fictional band we can out of the best fictional musicians.

Miller Lite: We talk about our top 3 old TV shows (80’s or older) in this week’s Binge Binger.

Coors Light: First off, no one is ever Drunk Enough for this beer. Secondly, we talk about the relationship between vanity and ethics. You know…light-hearted party talk.


  1. Elegant Jazz by Dr. Joy
  2. Old Ways by Frank Rawel
  3. Kickback in Time by Agramusic
  4. Grandma’s Memory by Avi Rosenfeld
  5. Grape by Nooto Sound Design
  6. On the Beach in a Dreay Night by Giocol
  7. Pixel by Maurio Mazzoli


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  1. I had to get on here the second the draft segment ended to say this: Caleb, good job, you win all the music.
    Spencer, damn you for promoting me to remember bad Keanu Reeves movies. Bleh.

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