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Ep. 18: The Baking Draft

Welcome! You may notice that there are six beers in this episode. Don’t worry; you didn’t win the lottery; it’s a result of hitting our first Patreon milestone! Now, everyone at our $2 level and above gets a whole extra episode. For those on the free plan, it now means beer six is free for our old standard of two beers a month.

Against the Grain Brewery Kamen Knuddeln Kentucky Common: In Dissecting Our Fun, we try to help Brownie get his friends into tabletop RPGs.

Mixkeller’s Hallo Ich Bin Raspberry Berliner Weisse: Y’all wanted to hear about something in This Was a Mistake, and Caleb has one that’s been bothering him for awhile: The Lottery.

2011 B.C. India-Style Brown Ale (Civil Life, Perennial Artisan Ales, Urban Chestnut, 4 Hands): Maddy wants to know about our three desert island video games. In Ready Player Drunk, Caleb and Spence share.

Brasserie Dubuisson Peche Mel’ Saaldis: COM Corner gets heavy today as the gang is asked to weigh in on where the success of content creators lies.

Dogfish Head Midas Touch Ancient Ale: In a new segment, we have our first Mixed Six Mock Draft. In this episode, we talk about the Marvel Heroes we would bring onto our Great British Bake-off style reality show.

Free State Beer’s Ad Astra Ale: Finally Drunk Enough, Adam wants to know about three doughy podcasters’ ideas of masculinity.


  1. Le Lalala by Frank Rawel
  2. Fields by Christian Penn
  3. Patrol by Frank Rawel
  4. Caribbean Fiesta by Lele Rambelli
  5. Get Out by Damir
  6. Happy Swing by Abydos Musique
  7. Big Band Action by Redsmoke
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1 Comment

  1. DiploRaptor doesn’t ever get mentioned I talk with you on all three things and done an interview with caleb and other things poor Diplo 🙁

    Huh for a Desert Island… right; Bloodborne, Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy(yes that is its full name), Fallout 4. And in a 4th slot Smite(don’t judge me!), Payday 2 is number 5

    The Lottery I can’t say more then what Caleb did
    Love how too get people involved with RPG’s
    Thanks for the help and tips guys as a fellow content creator.

    Caleb’s Baking Team vs. Spencer’s Baking Team
    -Caleb’s team I would say is the better cooks.
    -Spencer’s team I think would be more interesting too watch.
    -Winner is DiploRaptor’s team with, Matt Murdock, The King Pin, Scott Lang, Groot, and I’m not sure who but if I can Steven Strange after he gains magic… if not well then ‘The Ancient One’ probably

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