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Ep. 22: Ross Didn’t Read It Either

Well, here goes the end of Caleb’s podcasting career and public existence. It was a good run while it lasted. Why exactly is this the end for our intrepid hero? Listen to the new episode and find out!

Sun King Brewery’s Dragon’s Delight: Five Tribes has one of the most interesting movement mechanics we’ve ever seen in a modern boardgames. Spencer and Caleb gush about it in Dissecting Our Fun.

Trappist Westvletern: In Getting Lit(erasure), we admit the top 3 books we are embarrassed to say we haven’t read. Some take the prompt more literally than others. 

Scuttlebutt Brewing Co Porter: In This Was a Mistake, we try to dissect just how bad an idea the eat-on-a-dare fast food trend has become.

Sun King Brewing Co Wee Mac Scottish Style Ale: Some movies end with emotional charges that are almost too powerful. The Armchair Directors discuss their top 3 films in this category.

Narragansett Lovecraft The Unnamable Black Lager: Two fine listeners Ask Mixed Six ask if it is ever okay to dissuade someone from trying a piece of art just because you think it is bad. Two men that spent an entire episode badmouthing Iron Fist weigh in. 

Scuttlebutt Hoptopia: Finally Drunk Enough to spout off with uninformed opinions, we discuss the degree of research required to feel “qualified” to form an opinion on an issue. Where is it at for us, and where should it be?


  1. Bonds Secret Sofa (KieLoKaz ID 111) by Hippe House Jam Band
  2. Cool Cheerful and Uplifting Jazz by Nerevarin
  3. Strange Emotion by Angus and Friends
  4. Groovy Fingers by Lele Rambelli
  5. Addio by Mario Errico
  6. Cantiga by Tuilio Borges
  7. Intraumatic by Viper TB


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  1. Sorry Spencer, I’m with Caleb & Ross: I read #1 as a bed time story to my son when he was just learning to read. It was like a re-jigged Enid Blyton book from the 50s so didn’t grab me. Since then, he & my wife have read the others and watched the movies but I’ve never really had time to join the “Wooo” and read them (I’ve only watched the first few movies).

    I hear it gets dark but hey, I’ve got *stacks* of other great books if I want dark fantasy so, once again, I’m not feeling like I’m missing out 🙂

    The only thing I will say to Caleb is: don’t be shy about it 🙂

  2. Jay Dugger

    Please forgive the vague phrasing. I don’t wish to spoil the podcast for others.

    You haven’t missed much by not reading your Bonus Pick, though the one about oil and religion probably deserves reading (though not its sequels, nor anything else he wrote).

    That one about the Noble Savage doesn’t deserve reading.

    The one about the criminal in New England you should really choke down and read, given your job.

    Just read all the comics that author wrote. You’ll do fine.

    Funny unsympathetic characters don’t deserve reading.

    Finish the canon fantasy works. Read “that next shit.”

    Not part of the generation that idolized a bad knock-off of Tom Brown’s School Days? Change your story. Your story is “I knew better,” not “I missed the boat.” Or just read George MacDonald’s Flashman books.

    Please do a podcast segment on “Books I regret having read.”

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