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Ep. 12: Time Travelin’

Welcome to episode 12! We’re entertaining diplomat Baz from the untamed wilds of the West, and he came bearing gifts. Here’s hoping you enjoy our three-way pontificate. As always, if you want the full version, don’t forget to check us out on Patreon. Even if you’re not in for the full-six, we thank you for your attention. Please don’t forget to rate and review on iTunes.

1. Stillwater Gose Gone Wild:  In Dissecting Our Fun, we test our limits discussing just how many times the same game mechanic can be reskinned.

2. Roughtail Brewing Company Polar Eclipse: We cram three into the Armchair Director this week and discuss our top 3 Time Travel movies.

3. Clown Shoes Brewing Undead Party Crasher: COM Corner is all about Expectations Violations Theory. The hosts each share their most bemoaned example.

4. Roughtail Little Blue Pils: Ready Player Drunk examines the video game mechanical changes that had the biggest impact on gameplay.

5. Anthem Brewing Company’s Domestique: In Ask Mixed Six, someone wanted to know our tips for entering a management position…for some reason. We tried our best to answer.

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6. Artisan Ales Prairie Bomb!: Finally Drunk Enough, we get into why we knock them back in the first place.


  1. Zompie by Boom Boom Beckett
  2. Fire Inside by Ridgway
  3. All Three Judges by John Basile
  4. Energy by DJ Pokki
  5. Purple Midnight by Angus and Friends
  6. Nostalgia by Sam Garbett
  7. La La by Reole
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  1. HooliganTuesday

    On the tipping thing are your acquaintances from outside of America? Because the rest of the world doesn’t tip because we have this crazy concept of paying service staff a livable wage.

  2. Whelp I got notified about this a few weeks late so time too listen and not grumble about missing the 6th beer.

    Background Noise for me is Fraiser and other shows. Hmmm Bob’s Burgers well I like it. Its ok.
    Lake Water sucks and huh yeah.
    Well Time Travel Movies are great.
    And I cannot wait too see what the films work like.

    The Butterfly Mechanic is a really great idea for what makes a time travel movie and I find that it is a poor movie but the mechanic of the time travel is really interesting and I agree
    Huh Donnie Darko yeah I remember that… I think?
    Heck yes glad the Terminator Movies made this list and both of them at that.
    Huh… Interstellar I, I do not remember anything about that film at all. It went Asimov I huh
    Arrival, yeah who knows.
    Looper is an ok film but its… Its got awful time travel and amazing makeup. Also that damn kid is still becoming the monster he is in the future. I just this film I love its ideas the Time Travel is ok but its a key element to the story but it doesn’t make sense and the actions of the main character change nothing heck he’s just confirmed the future.
    Primer oh my god yes Primer its so fucking confusing and bullshit and so freaking complicated I have a love-hate with that movie but its also so amazingly gonzo.
    Star Trek 2009 shrugs.
    Back to the Future also I am so glad it made this list so so much
    Time Crime huh oh yeah TIME CRIME!

    Expectations Violation Theory.
    Huh whelp I almost skipped this episode I kind of wanted too.
    But yeah I like people being on time
    Wait I get a dowry for holding doors and being a polite gentleman or in general just being a nice person?
    I mean Chivalry is kind of dead doesn’t mean you can’t be a gentleman or polite
    I get why people can’t cuss, and yeah people bring children into bars I don’t know? Also yeah I don’t get the cursing thing either.
    Yeah the watch your language is so rude.
    But yeah I find the ‘its a sign of a poor vocabulary’ so much worse because of the fact that its just so insulting to you and your intelligence. My lexicon of language is just fine thank you very much its so ignorant.
    I’ve only sent my food back once because there was a metal bar about 3 inches long in a pizza along with the nuts that held it up. I am pretty fair as long as 2/3 it ain’t bad, for me.
    I got to say that yeah 16 hours a day shifts oh god that is awful.
    15% is the bare minimum. The one time I wanted to tip less was back in high-school. So Miller as we will call her doesn’t understand economics, or a bunch of other things as she is a super privileged, upper class, rich as heck girl her dad made her work at a restaurant he owns as a waitress for a month too show the difficulty of it. She came out of it thinking that she should lower the wait staffs hourly salary’s because they get tips. Hearing that I just wanted us to tip her nothing but the others were not comfortable with that.

    Video Games yay!
    Andromeda was that bad? Yeah Mass Effect 3 was ugh.
    And yeah these are an interesting group of mechanics ideas
    God Ross’s nerd boner for Carcosa hit me from here when he started that and yeah you can also scan Uranus for that fun. I do love that scanning mechanic for the lines on certain planets . I guess I just sometimes can enjoy grinding

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