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Ep. 13: The S’mores Betrayal

Welcome back (except for those of you with trikaideckaphobia; we understand and we’ll see you in a few weeks). In this episode, Producer Ross and Caleb start by poisoning Spencer and things only get better from there. We hit some old favorites and try a whole new segment in the full version. If you want to check it out, don’t forget to hit us up on the Patreon.

1. Innis and Gunn Rum Cast: In Dissecting Our Fun, we talk about our board game deal-breakers.

2. Evil Twin Brewing’s Don No: The fans have spoken, and they want Sportsplainer. Spencer more than delivers with an exhaustive explanation of March Madness.

3. Avery Brewing Company’s Rumpkin: Ask Mixed Six wants to know when an antihero is too antihero. We draw our lines in the sand.

4. Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project St. Bretta Brettanomyecs Citrus Wildbier Valencia Orange: After that mouthful, we step into Living With Humans to discuss the effects of ubiquitous social media on domestic life.

5.  Ommegang Brewery’s Gnomegang Blonde Ale: In Binge Binger, we discuss the ongoing embarrassment that is Big Bang Theory.

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6. Elysian Space Dust IPA: After an extra long free episode, we try something new for our backers with Snippet of Adventure! By popular demand, Producer Ross and Caleb introduce Spence to the world of RPGs. We start with character creation and the campaign promises to be interesting.


  1. Exotic Lounge Jazz by JetSounds
  2. Lost Tribe by Gabriel
  3. You Are Always Alive in US by Giocol Rinucc
  4. Surf and Rest by The Melody Factory
  5. Stalactites by Nick Gordy
  6. Road by Michele Lagoia
  7. Green Devil Arrival by Paolo Orecchia
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Ep. 12: Time Travelin’


BONUS: The Mixed Six Goes To Mother’s


  1. I shall dub this to Troll a Spencer.
    Also smores cookies sound lovely.
    Yay Ghostbumps Rating system!
    One Day in Horrorland man.
    In a Pickle huh really you guys don’t like it fair I don’t think I ever heard it.
    Spencer isn’t responsible for the March Maddness thing I’m going to be honest Basketball is boring to me.
    And I get tickets to Duke Basketball games from one of the doctors and have sat at both the womens and mens games. Neither were that fun but yeah I could see clearly why one had a bigger fan base
    Also the random gender politics comment *shrugs* I mean its part of it but its a matter with issues true. Sorry reminds me of some dumb things just really dumb things.
    Sports loves them Caleb, dark committees are a big thing
    So i knew about this because of the Doctor I keep mentioning(somewhat knew of it)
    That March madness stuff was all very interesting
    Spencer, Caleb, and Producer Ross do any of you have examples of your to anti-heroes?
    Yeah when the Punisher has no hope and things yeah. All in all I agree with both it all is dependent on things.
    Interesting take on Catcher in the Rye
    Just the whole of the Anti-Hero talk i loved it
    …I but the. The part I wanted most is behind the paywall 🙁
    No fair.

    • Ok after being upset at missing out on the best part because of a pay wall I don’t have the money to get past 🙁
      Well I continued/finished what I could of this episode
      Caleb we know everyone listening to this knows its not a perfect analogy but nerd-blackface very much fits I understand
      Also the Great Indoors sucks so much
      Wait what is this about hating Iron Fist why do you guys hate it what is going on? What did I miss?
      I think its not an unfortunate term but yeah I get your reasoning.
      Also there are problems with our generation with the Millenials and everything involved in that.
      Penny is truly awful yeah it doesn’t treat anything well its just oh my god its awful.

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