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Ep. 11: In Which Spencer is Wrong

Welcome back! Try to hold back your rage at my co-host’s shameful cinematic tastes long enough to listen to the fantastic episode we have for you.

Spanning & Sensatie from Bodegraven: In a brand-new segment called Travel Hangover, Spencer reports on the beer tourism of scenic Denver.

Evil Twin Brewing’s Yin: In Dissecting Our Fun, we talk about the exciting new trend of creative intelligence games like Mysterium, DixIt, and Codenames.

Lunctis Veribus by Avery Brewing: We confess the media sins of our youth in this edition of This Was A Mistake.

Ayinger Brewery’s Celebrator Dopplebock: In Ask Mixed Six, Producer Ross, Caleb, and Spence all fret about the possibility of a nerd economy bubble.

Against the Grain Brewery’s Bloody Show: Resident Sportsplainer Spencer heroically tries to save baseball from its own irrelevance.

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Southern Tier Brewing Company’s Blackwater Series Salted Caramel: Thank the lord we’re finally Drunk Enough to fix everything wrong with public education. 


  1. Cotton Club by Madi
  2. C.o.s.m.o.s by Parallel Dream
  3. Water for 2 pianos by Kekro
  4. Pier by Beach Brat
  5. Quiet Jazz in Blues by Cern Music Project
  6. Lejos by Don Calisto
  7. Dreaming by Kanyiso
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  1. UnitOmega

    This is a very rough start to an episode for me. While I’m sure you have plenty of listeners who are here for just beer, or a mix of the beer talk and topics – I’m not really, and while sometimes interesting to hear you talk about the subject of drinking just hearing Spencer kind of list off a bunch of drinks he tried is a very slow start to an episode, especially after very casually telling me “fuck you the real discussion is behind the paywall”. That’s okay with like, the 6th topic, you don’t really discuss it in the show itself and obviously its at the end, but it’s not as pleasant as a free listener (who would totally pay in if able) to hear frontloaded at a show.

    In future, assuming it is not too much trouble could you timestamp the individual topics in the description, so if for any reason a listener wants to skip a topic, they can do it easily?

    • DiploRaptor

      Listen we all hate the pay wall but dude its not much we can do I respect the guys on this and Calebs a friend. Heck had I noted been broke I would have tried too meet up with him and the rppr fans at GenCon

      • UnitOmega

        Honestly though, I don’t really mind the paywall. Everybody got to hustle, right? It just was very kind of casual and I think had it been like a “shill” or an ad, it would have been okay – it just came across to me kind of insensitively. My response is my honest “hey” I’d offer if I was sitting in the room. But it kind of goes into that growing pains/learning experience they talk about later, sometimes you’ll stumble and some people might get put off by something, or whatever.

        The timestamp thing is fully just some genuine advice though, based on what I’ve seen with other shows.

    • DiploRaptor

      I’m listening too this well playing Spelunky as always.
      I would like too say I like the podcast as is. And nice salute too open up

      Jackie Brown I have too admit I haven’t seen it. And Djano I loved it my 60year old mom loves it.
      Its a god darn Tarantino list without Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs what is wrong with you Spencer!
      Tarantino is just lets do things!
      I have too accept it but Caleb I appreciate the fact you will do better for us.
      And remember Tarantino has no training he just loves movies and watches them, and he makes what he wants too see.
      Atomic Cowboy sounds awesome I gotta admit
      Half the beers are real and half are fake Ross… I love you that is beautiful.

      Codenames, Dixit, etc. are all great games
      Mysterium is super amazing and grand
      Dali I have been to his museum. You really need too go there and just embrace the insanity.
      Saw previous episode. I understand your guys issue but your playing something that is a more surreal version of all things
      Yeah its a great documentary and Boondocks Saints, is a strange movie. Ron Jeremy is a fairly nice guy I have heard.
      So more asked questions yeah we got so many. Yeah Steven is the audience MVP we can’t best him right now.
      Yeah turns out trying too make a Nazi joke fails. Because he missed the mark on what and where he should have gone. Watch the Game Theory episode on it.
      1 Drink for the Ross not adding audio blurb. And 1 drink for Marxist/Socialist Caleb!?!?
      I think the bubble will burst in time
      I think your right Caleb that is what will kill things all those important details from those many factors and then it will strike through the system because of all those details.
      Baseball is boring, a lot of the time because of its pace. And whoah… whoah that is a lot of baseball games

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