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Ep. 10: Kurt Vonnegut’s Animorphs

We are what animals we pretend to be (for more than two hours), so we must be careful about what animals we pretend to be.We made it to episode 10! It’s time for a celebration! Not as big as the celebration we’ll have for episode 65, when we surpass the number of volumes in K.A. Applegate’s magnum opus – that party is going to be a rager – but a celebration nonetheless. Come listen to us celebrate in the five episode freecast, or hop on over to Patreon and listen to the whole thing.

  1. Spaten Optimator Doppelbock: In Dissecting Our Fun, Spence and Caleb praise Brewin’ USA for its commitment to a theme.
  2. Kasteel Cuvee du Chateau Belgian Ale: Binge Binger has us rating superhero shows on Netflix. We resist talking about the Arrow-verse for nearly three minutes!
  3. Brassrie Dieu du Ciel! Rigor Mortis: In Ask Mixed Six, the gang lays down the gauntlet of what a quality bar should do to serve us.
  4. Ommegang Three Philosophers: In This Was a Mistake, Spencer takes leave of his senses regarding the recent travesty of Superman films, and Caleb becomes reactionary.
  5. Shiner Ruby Redbird: In Getting Lit(erature), we discuss whether or not Kurt Vonnegut was a sci-fi writer and gush about our shared favorite author.And on the Patreon…
  6. Mother’s English Tea Pale Ale: Finally Drunk Enough, we wonder what would have been by discussing life paths not taken. 


  1. Epic Emotional Adventure Trailer by Blue Giraffe
  2. Bicicletta by Migala
  3. Look at Me by Foxmillet
  4. Back to Undefined by Arnoldsrecords
  5. Balliadera by Muscle
  6. Games to Play by A Cup of Bossas
  7. Sunny Feelings by A Cup of Bossas
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  1. Atlas

    Credit where its due, I think Spencer was onto something with his point about DC movies being too grimdark for their own good, but he is wrong about the reason behind that. The reason is actually the perceived success of Watchmen among movie execs who don’t really understand that the only reason Watchmen is still in publication to this day is because of a contract clause that says DC doesn’t have to pay royalties to Moore while they still publish it. Of course a movie exec with his head up the ass of the nearest focus group wouldn’t know that, and they just see a very grim and dark comic book that sells well and is well loved, so they think they can make something like Superman super grim and dark and it will be good without really understanding why people liked Watchmen. Its WB being a bunch of Hollywood birdmen

  2. DiploRaptor

    JOHN WICK 2 heck yeah! Cheers!
    Sorry I can’t be a Patron?
    God I forgot the Animorphs book series was what 55 books? And crazy as all heck. Or the Alien member. I would like too point out that Caleb is at least 5 years older then me but I grew up reading Animorphs.
    Brewin USA is super amazing and just such a great high quality product and its themes which is stupendous
    I think you got the Castile right from my memory.
    The DC TV series are great they are just amazing and marvelous with so much love put too them.
    Frank Miller remember the 80’s when his insanity was directed before he broke the cage much like how you feel about Kojima; Caleb 😛
    Yeah Young Justice is amazing and it is way more adult in the best way compared too many of the DC movies. I got to admit a few episodes of season 2 I kind of skipped the first time through. It was just how I was feeling
    Mmmm yay! Belgiums
    Good food is important. I have too say there is a great arcade/bar in the area with all these old arcade machines and great barbecue!
    It also has a few micro brews from the area alternating around
    Caleb I don’t know but its possible too write a Superman movie
    The Cracked Guys podcast about the Von’s books are amazing. I am still not a huge fan of his books

    The English Tea man wish I was a Patreon I love me some Tea… damn

    I need to have a Asked Mixed Six Question
    What 3 Sitcoms would you like too live in or some other coffee table question… hmmm

  3. Jef

    Thanks for turning me on to Young Justice guys. I finally got around to downloading the episodes. Now I need to go back and listen to Kurt Vonnegut’s Animorphs again.

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