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Ep. 9: The Remake After the Flop that was Ep. 9

Welcome to episode 9 REDUX! This is your five-beer freecast version. For that sixth beer goodness, hit us up on Patreon.

Bell’s Brewery Robust Porter: We Dissect Our Fun with Dragonwood and the lure of simplicity in design.

Ommegang Brewery’s Rare Vos Amber Ale : In Getting Lit(erature), Spence and Caleb discuss the best bad books and book series they enjoy in spite of better judgement.

Stillwater Artisanal’s Untraditional Stout: In Armchair Director, we lament the Top 3 flops that didn’t deserve the economic shame they suffered.

Prairie Artisan Ales’ Prairie Weisse : In COM Corner, we get into why this is the second episode 9 we’ve recorded, and why we ended up ditching the first take.

Urban Chestnut Schnickelfritz: In Jukebox in Back, we stock our Jukebox on the desert island with our Top 3 bug-out bag albums.

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White River Brewing Co.’s Coconut Rye Porter: Finally Drunk Enough, Spence and Caleb wonder if there is any cultural value to be had from all that debating they do every week.


  1. DEAR MR. CHANCE THE RAPPER by 8th Element
  2. Slam by The Artisan Beats
  3. Give me the Days by Did
  4. The Good Trip by Ludo 76
  5. Ukelele March by Ton
  6. Funky Moove by Mickael Huchet
  7. Quarter Plus 1 by Alan Sopelak
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  1. kim

    In the new alt-facts era, I have to set this right:

    The name Trappist -1 is the acronym for Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope project, from the University of Liege (Belgium), as a reference to the beer. Using this telescope they detected the dwarf star around which the terrestrial planets orbit and named it after the telescope project. So the name is a hat tip to the trappist beer according to Michael Gillon, head of the team. They do this kind of thing often, like: the project itself is called SPECULOOS (Search for habitable Planets EClipsing ULtra-cOOl-Stars).

    So in short: the star is indeed in an indirect way named after the beer 🙂

  2. DiploRaptor

    So guys, guys I have to admit I really like to play Spelunky when listening too you guys.
    Ross getting moral support and ouch poor Ross. Getting the consumption oh well.
    I wanna try this Dragon game now. Hope you guys talk about Red Dragon Inn at some point
    We are the pro-smore’s movement. Also I just don’t care about the Magicians.
    Yeah the Jim Butcher books are super rough for the first three. Also Caleb there is a word of Jim on how he watches movies and its super depressing. Also yeah the books are a personal love of mine.
    Well yeah the Dresden verse is magnificent and the writing has rough patches but I feel that is part of that charm for the books.
    Ross keeps pushing despite the consumption I am so happy.
    Yeah Warhammer 40K books are sometimes just so dumb they are great because its so dumb. Yeah the 40K books are either awful or grand.
    Huh Ross has a spiritual corruption that sounds like Heresy too me seems we should burn him.
    Oh Caleb you hear of the rumor that Michael Bay purposefully includes the racism too prove a point he too show how problematic the system can be. Hugo was an awful movie I feel. I was giggling too hard at Hugo stuff that I had to cover my mouth and not wake people.
    Wait there is a Discord group for Mixed Six? Invite me! I am DiploRaptor#1785 on discord!

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