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Episode 8: I’ll Have a Blue-Ribbon Stag Shandy Corona

Episode Ocho! Welcome to the free, 5-beer and topic version of The Mixed Six. If you’re a backer of our Patreon (or wish to become one) head on over there to grab your premium version of the episode and vote on future content. This is our first episode with 50% user generated segments and sub-topics, so let’s get to it.

  1. Urban Chestnut’s Count Orlok Black Pumpkin Ale: Coming in second in the segment vote, we talk about Dissecting Our Fun, or rather, dissecting our lack of fun with our 3 least favorite board games.
  2. Mother’s Brewing MILF: Topping out the segment vote, we Nerdsplain the concept of the ‘nerdiphany’ and share our own moments of geeky self-reflection.
  3. Unibroue Blanche de Chambly: In Binge Binger, Ethan Cordray asks for some strategies on how to select a television show when spoiled for choice. The resident couch potatoes weigh in.
  4. Evil Twin/ Two Road Pachamama Porter: In Ask Mixed Six, Steven Lee wants to hear more about the struggle of living in a community that doesn’t share your personal values. Two straight white dudes do their best to answer.
  5. Big Sky Brewing Moose Drool Brown Ale: Adam L. wants to know the hosts’ secret shames, and Joe DP want’s to know about beers we’re ashamed to admit drinking. So in this week’s Professional Drinking, we bring you Spence and Caleb’s SECRET SHAME BEERS.

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Hoegaarden Wit-Blanche: Finally Drunk Enough, the hosts wade into a quagmire of a question…when are you ethically required to stop enjoying an artist’s work because of the artist’s life?


  1. My Name is Nova, Bossa Nova by Giorgio Ghiglieri
  2. Be the One by Gigatop
  3. La palaza by Gustavo Crochenci
  4. Uolz by Paolo Pavan
  5. Tropical Sea by FranKee
  6. About Me by Angus
  7. Before I Sleep by Muciojad
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  1. Mattie

    Your drunk enough section was very timely for me. Whilst watching 5th Element last night I decided to look up the director and the making of the film. I ended up finding that he had a relationship that led to marriage with a 15 year old girl who had his child when she was 16 (who he then left during the filming of 5th element to shack up with a young Milla Jovovitch). 5th Element and Leon are two formative films for me and now I can’t imagine watching the female characters (who I identified with intensely as an outsider queer kid in unfriendly territory) and their already unusual relationships with the male characters without filling in the gaps between scenes with behaviour I can’t countenance. I felt like before I could enjoy Matilda and Leeloo as escape from feeling utterly weird (“school might be hard, but imagining that I could be a martial-artsing kickass space lady, or vengance seeking Matilda who finds the only nice assassin to help makes it better”), and the extreme worlds they were in for the fantasy worlds said utterly weird people make to get through difficult periods in their life. Now I can’t escape the fact that they are fantasies that belong to a man who is into really young women and girls, and those characters don’t feel the same to me. Its like I peeked behind the wrong curtain and saw not only how the trick works, but what a creep the magician is.

    Also, I was very amused at your inclusion of Anarchist in the list of things you don’t want Harold Ramis to be. Imma chalk it up to drunkenness, but if you genuinely dislike anarchism that much I’m interested to hear about it.

    Thanks for such an excellent podcasts! You’re getting me through my notice period at work. Mx

  2. DiploRaptor

    Yeah the Trump Presidency… yeah and more it was.
    And I feel for you Caleb
    Mmmm the chestnut pumpkin bear was a 4 for me personally
    Boo Cards Against Humanity is great. Caleb I love it its a personal favorite. I know people like Apples to Apples and its similarity man. Oh and I love the Anime version that the RPPR crew played and Ross posted the episode of.
    Well that is sad I wanted to play Cards Against Humanity with you Caleb, well doing an interview
    Oh yeah Snake Oil is super great. There is also another game like that
    So Caleb I understand that social pariah stuff yeah I did it too.
    I’ve been having that problem with Iron Fist, and Always Sunny as well.
    Oh my god the idea and fact that there are strange historical documentaries and then it’s Tom just being Tom because that is perfect god I love it.
    Hmm I didn’t see anything of True Detective I check it out and compare and see how I feel about the toxic masculinity.
    Yeah Caleb it is ok your politics are both very interesting and why I deeply respect you… and no love for the DiploRaptor 🙁
    Oh cool Caleb. Also Duke is super right wing though it doens’t appear that. I work for a lot of the Doctors taking care of there pets, they are all very nice but fairly libertarian.
    My favorites are hard ciders, though the Maple Canadian Royal is probably my guilty pleasure

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