Caleb screwed up the delivery of the perfect rating system. All of you deserve to see the real thing here:
  1. (Part 3, Attempt One) Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business 
  2. (Part 2, Attempt Two) Universal Soldier II: The Return
  3. (Part 2, Attempt One) Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms 
  4. (Part 2, Attempt Three) Universal Soldier II: Regeneration
  5. (Part 3, Attempt Two and sequel to Part 2, Attempt Three) Universal Soldier III: Day of Reckoning 
There. Thank god we fixed that. On with the show.
Fat Orange Cat Welcome to Harga New England Style Double IPA (3): We’re Dissecting Our Fun with Land, Sea, Air — the game that makes giving up interesting.
Melvin Mystic Tigers Sour Ale with Fruit (3): We’re Bringin It Back. This time, it’s toys in cereal boxes…but updated for wizened millennials because everything is.
Mothers Brewing Company Wild Cobra Sour Ale with Grapefuit and Lime (4): Innervium is making venomous animals the hot new thing in 2023.
Hoppin Frog D.or.i.s The Destroyer Double Imperial Stout (2): Ask Mixed Six has an expert for once as Spencer helps avoid common pitfalls in online marketing (aside from this podcast)
Prairie Artisanal Ales Club Special – Club Special Inspired Hard Seltzer with Lemon, Lime and Lemon Lime Soda (2): Jukebox in Back doesn’t even know if Touchtunes makes sense in the post-grindset brain.
Eureka Blushing Bramble Foeder Fermented Brett Beer with Fruits and Rose Hips (3): Finally Drunk Enough to reflexively insist we’ve always been sober, we talk about the hottest new trend in pandemic brainworms — the toxic positivity relapse.
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