The Plague Years done got us in dat dere quarintine ‘gain, y’all! Anyway, Birk still floats in the Zoom Zone of internet phone calls, so it’s another remote episode with our reality-exiled star expert.

Vizzy Hard Seltzer Hint of Black Cherry and Lime with Antioxidant and Vitamin C (2): Caleb is Dissecting the Fun he thought he would have with Blood on the Clocktower, a very expensive psychological experiment from a Kickstarter backed in another world. (No Pun Included video referenced).

Lift Bridge Brewing Farm Girl Golden Ale Brewed with Orange Peel (3): Ravenous to feed the B-Hole in One, we just indulge feeding it media properties for like…10 minutes or more. #Post1000norulz

Side Project Fermier 2021 (5): In our renowned and much-chronicled segment Drink It Yourself, the panel of esteemed handy folk talk about very differing interpretation of the term DIY.

Truly Watermelon Cucumber Margarita Style Hard Seltzer (2): Ask Mixed Six gives advice on the spontaneous depressurization of quitting your day job for creative self-employment. 

Lift Bridge Brewing Fireside Flannel Brown Ale (3): As if literally beers uncountable had not yet aged the podcast, Living With Humans is about moments of OLD realization. 

Torn Label  Monk and Honey (3): Finally Drunk Enough to admit we’re all hacks, we try to assuage some fears about originality in the creative arts.

Music, tracks 1-7:

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