We’re back! The wall of our empties, like the list of our sins, grows forevermore.
4 Noses Brewing Company’s Double Dry Hopped Vanilla Velvet (1): In Dissecting Our Fun, we explore an exciting new parameter of the boardgaming personality — identifying your “Bill and Ted” game. 
Pipeworks Brewing Company Cryo Citra Imperial India Pale Ale with Cryo Citra Hops (2): In This Was a Mistake, Caleb commits a mistake by springing a sneaky anniversary.
Public House Cabra Loca Espresso Milk Stout (3): Living With Humans discusses what one should do when the decision has been made to NOT live with a specific human. 
4 Noses Brewing Company’s Mandarina Velvet (2): In Ask Mixed Six, many of our fans now share a birthday. We start the great MX6 gift exchange.
2nd Shift Brewing Liquid Spiritual Delight Imperial Stout (4): Jukebox in Back is about selecting perhaps the most important anthem of our lives: what is the soundtrack to vaccine summer?
Piney River Lizzie Twister Blackberry Session Sour (3): Finally Drunk Enough, we talk about being generally twitchy and the fidget devices that help us get through the day. 
P.S. Our next episode is actually in person again! Expect sound quality to improve soon.
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