As Birk exits California like the last son of a dying planet, we check in with our brother from another podcast before his transmitter gets out of range. Please enjoy what is likely the final episode of this podcast before Spencer divorces Caleb over cryptid-gate.


Loveland Aleworks Blackberry Lemon Bar Sour (5): Producer Ross likes Among Us. In Dissecting Our Fun, we talk about why he is alone and wrong.


Tool Brewing Mr. Orange 2019 Edition (3): In Mixed Six Mock Draft, we’ve got to paper the shelves of the trash canon with self-help books by sidekicks.


Boulevard Brewing Nutcracker Winter Warmer Ale (3): Ben Asked Mixed Six about their favorite cryptids. That was really the beginning of the end.


Boulevard Brewing and Rhinegeist-Crust Fall Peach Berry Pie Sour (4): We Make a Pair pairs alcohol with Halloween candy to get ready for all the Trick or Treating you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT BE DOING.


Rockwell Beer Co. Stand By Hoppy Pilsner (4): Innervium has to sell the brain juice from Deep Blue Sea. If we can get three movies out of that franchise, we wring some profit from these shark brains.


Oskar Blues’ Mama’s Little Yella Pils (3): Finally Drunk Enough, we answer the ‘how to write’ question. Caleb’s answer is appreciated at levels commiserate with his other contributions.


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