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Ep. 33: Is a Hot Dog a Podcast?

We ask the deep questions here on The Mixed Six: the questions other media outlets are afraid to ask. Join us for a fearless inquiry into the very foundations of phenomenology! Also, we drink some beers from North Carolina, so there’s that too.

Highland Brewing Company Cold Mountain Winter Ale: How do you get your RPG friends to become your boardgame friends and achieve the coveted Resse’s Pieces level of nerd friendship? We try to have it all in Dissecting Our Fun.

Bhramari Brewing Company The Good Fight Sour Pale Ale: We Nerdsplain some Binge Binger in this fusion segment because everyone wants to hear about Netflix’s Altered Carbon. Caleb provides the transhumanist 101 for those that haven’t read the books because the show sure as hell isn’t going to explain it to you.

Hi-wire Brewing Co. Hi-Wire Gose: In Getting Lit(erature), we invent a new genre…the remake novel. What writer’s would we recast to take another shot at a book’s content?

Catawba Brewery Co. Riverkeeper Apple Sour Ale: Ask Mixed Six is another Fire Sale! Every question must go!

Wicked Weed Brewing Hop Cocoa Porter Brewed with Cocoa Nibs: This Was a Mistake is about the fundamental attribution error plaguing nearly every political post since the inception of social media.

Highland Brewing Co. Mandarina IPA: Finally Drunk Enough, we re-examine the “bumper sticker” philosophy memes bouncing around the internet. Do they have any worth, or do they just undermine the practice of actual introspection and inquiry. 


1. Retaliation
2. let.loose
4. heights
5. dystopia
6. and.then you[disappeared]
7. moving.on

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