If the wheat has you down, do we ever have an episode for you. In an effort to help our gluten intolerant loved ones, this episode is all gluten-free beer. We can’t promise gluten-free conversation though: we say the word a lot. Gluten gluten gluten.

Daura Damm: In Dissecting Our Fun, it’s time we tackle our first Legacy-type game with T.I.M.E. Stories. Worth the hype? Find out!

Redbridge Gluten-free Sourgham Beer:  James D wants to know what drinks to pair with a viewing of the original Star Wars trilogy. The Armchair Director makes recommendations.

Shandy Daura Damm: Is early-access and DLC the culprit in ruining ‘good games?’ Ready Player Drunk thinks the issue is a bit more complicated.

Omission Brewing Co. IPA: In Mixed Six Mock Draft, we have to populate a tribe for the reality team Survivor using only philosophers. Let us know who one #TeamCaleb or #Team Spencer!

Omission Brewing Co. Lager: Ask Mixed Six wants to know about the one nerdy subculture you wished you hadn’t missed out on. Spencer makes a terrible mistake!

New Belgium Brewing’s Glutiny Pale Ale: Finally Drunk Enough to pontificate about the canon, we ponder whether or not there is any value in teaching philosophy to students before they get to university.

Songs by 2mello:
swooning melody
dance of life
window sleeper
deeper love

Songs by Willbe
divided people

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