Welcome back! We’re back with another episode, another hangover, and another of Spencer’s crazy kombucha cures. Enjoy!

Olympic Brewery’s Mythos: In Dissecting Our Fun, Ken R. wonders what we think about hidden identity games as a mechanic.

Four Hands Cast Iron Oatmeal Brown: Maddy asks if we would ever consider going on a reality show. We interrogate this ridiculous premise in Binge Binger.

Four Hands Contact High: Caleb explains the bizarre work of David Wong in this edition of Getting Lit(erature).

Sun King Brewery Fistful of Hops: Ask Mixed Six presents us with a horror story: what if a doctor recommended that you quit drinking beer?

Big Ditch Brewing Company Hayburner American IPA: Bladerunner 2049 was the best movie was saw all year. This Armchair Director is just us gushing about it.

West Sixth Brewing Pay It Forward Cocoa Porter: Finally Drunk Enough, we discuss the concept of praying to fail: when is it strong self-discipline and when is it self-sabotage?

Music by 2 Mello (tracks 2-8 in order)

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