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Ep. 16: The Soothing Sounds of Paul Hollywood

Welcome back! I hope all of you are keeping up with your votes in The Cage Match 2017. Until the ultimate showdown arrives, we have a regular episode for you. Remember: the first five are free, and beer six is available on the Patreon. Let’s get to it!

James E. Pepper 1776
: In Dissecting Our Fun, we try to understand the enchanting brutality that is The Grizzled.

Ommegong Rosetta: We take the time to analyze the ‘This Was a Mistake” that most theme parties end up being, and we provide some tips for recovering the time honored tradition.

Dogfish Head Sea Quench Ale: We combine some questions in Ask Mixed Six and discuss what makes a great seasonal beer.

2nd Shift Brewing Green Bird Gose Beer: Caleb Nerdsplains to Spencer the subtle aesthetic foundations of so-bad-it’s-good cinema.

Prairie Artisan Ales Paradise: As you can probably see from the episode image, Binge Binger is all about how much we love Great British Bake-Off.

On the Patreon

Dogfish Head Flesh and Blood IPA: Finally Drunk Enough to get serious, we debate whether or not comedy is the proper response to a Trump presidency.

  1. Goodbye Love by J Anderson Nouvelle
  2. It’s only a paper moon by Artur
  3. Holy by SadMe
  4. Our Dead Are Not Dead by Clay Souls
  5. Interlude Samsara by Nestor del Rio
  6. Wistful Longing by Ron Gelinas
  7. Treis by Gabriele Bochicchio
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The Mixed Six Summer Viewing Series: CAGE MATCH 2017


Ep. 17: Ray of Light Beers


  1. Parenon

    I cannot believe I am watching reality television now… And my god, that soundtrack. That’s no joke.

    • constructacon

      yeah i started the podcast episode last night…and the show this morning. one of the few reality tv shows i watch

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