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Ep. 7: Like the 47 Ronin Committing Seppuku on My Tongue


What’s up! It’s episode 7 time! This is our first episode planned with patron feedback. If you want to get in on voting for floating segments, suggesting beers, asking questions, and dictating sub-topics, be sure to check us out at Patreon.

  1. Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout: We start things off with a patron-suggested beer and a patron-suggested topic! This week’s Armchair Director has Spence and Caleb enthusiastically agreeing to the top three MCU films.
  2. Perennial Artisan Ale’s Von Pamplemousse: Some sick, Jigsaw-esque patron demanded Ask Mixed Six be about a choice between saving one beer and wiping one from the face of earth. Spencer and Caleb do their best to survive in this hellish thought experiment. 
  3. Stillwater Artisanal (Stratford CT) Stillwater Extra Dry: In Dissecting Our Fun, we discuss the conundrum of co-op boardgames. Also, Caleb almost chokes to death on the mic and the crew makes a new rule. 
  4. Weihenstephaner’s Hefe Weissbier: In Getting Lit, Spence and Caleb discuss books everyone is supposed to love and they really, really don’t. 
  5. Goose Island Four Star Pils: In Nerdsplainer, the patrons want to hear about the shifting political landscape of “gamers.” Producer Ross and Caleb try their best to help Spencer navigate a minefield of a topic. 

For Patrons only…

  • O’Fallon’s Hemp Hop Rye: Finally Drunk Enough, we talk about gift cards, Adam Smith, the myth of homo economicus, and the oh-so-sexy topic of behavioral economics. 


  1. Cinematic Inspiration by Alex Che
  2. Knowns by Beat Dowsing
  3. Cool by Deadbunny Laura
  4. Guy with Goggle Eyes by Obikyama
  5. Sunflower by Steve Raphael
  6. Burnin Star by Strange Zero
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  1. FlawlessP

    I appreciated the political talk, as someone who has always considered themselves left of center, I found myself agreeing with a lot of the general ideas suggested even if a few of the specifics slightly “triggered” me. I strongly agreed with the notion that not nearly enough moderate voices are heard in sphere of gaming but also kind of online in general.

    Great chat, I’ve read over the Red Markets playtest book and I got an inkling of some political leanings from it, but I’m glad to still be able to enjoy things that don’t align perfectly with my politics in this day and age because it feels like things are becoming so partisan lately.

    Anyway great job all Spencer you did a pretty great job of directing the conversation, and Ross definitely echoed a sentiment that I very much appreciated about artists staying in control of their message.

    Great stuff all.

  2. Robin

    alright so I’ve only worked fotvToys R Us but as far as I know the way Toys R Us gift cards work is they are no good unless they’re actually spent so they’re not giving us X amount of money, they are just putting that money as credit until it’s spent. Further often a person does give a gift cards as a last resort gift because they cannot find something or can’t think of something that the other person will like but they think the other person might like that.

  3. DiploRaptor

    This I appreciated it here. I got lost and now am catching up on the mixed six.
    So I had that big Kojima rant on the Patreon for RPPR but here talk about politics all you want I actually love hearing about it.
    The Mixed Six crew and the RPPR crew are awesome and in many ways I see the lot of you all as friends.
    I love that fan blade that tells you so much and is such an interesting thing to give someone as a gift.
    Still wish I had the money but I can only support this or the RPPR podcast and that is straining.
    Yeah keep being Captain America, that terrorism and espionage stuff it was brilliant.
    I loved this episode and appreciate those issues, though my mom learned how to play Pandemic with me and she’s in her 60’s rather well

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