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Episode 5: Tears for a Pig

Greetings! Here’s our five-beer free-cast for Episode 5. If you want more, it’s up on the Patreon. Got questions? Hit us up @themixedsix or in the comments below.

  1. Ogletoberfest by Anthem Brewing: In Dissecting Our Fun, we talk about how absolutely floored we are by the innovative initiative mechanic in Tokaido.
  2. Sierra Nevada’s Otra Vez: In Sportsplainer, Spencer tries to educate the nerds on the inscrutable mysteries of the college BCS system and why Condi Rice decides the football games now.
  3. Public House Brewing’s Courtship Cranberry Ale: In Binge Binger, the whole crew shares it’s odd love affair with The Profit and wonder what a CNBC reality show could have done to sink the hook so deep.
  4. Stiegl’s Grapefruit Radler: In Armchair Director, Spencer and Caleb lay down the cinematic gauntlets used to gauge one’s potential for friendship.
  5. Springfield Brewing Company’s Walnut Street: In a brand-new segment, Living With Humans, Spencer and Caleb share their oh-so-learned perspectives on whether marriage means anything anymore.

Behind the Paywall

6. Alpine Beer Company’s Duet: In Drunk Enough, we talk about performance anxiety (not the sexy kind). What is it? How do you get past it? Should you feel it more often?


  1. Midnight by Foxmillet
  2. Bal de Nuit by Remy Bourgeois
  3. Jazzy Smile by Esther Garcia
  4. HONGDAE by LukHash
  5. Jazabana Wakapou by Arnaud Martin
  6. ADHD by Strange Fetish
  7. Midnight by Foxmillet
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  1. Darren T.

    How much do I agree with Big Trouble in Little China being such a rich world for a sequel+cinematic gem of a movie+a how did this get made??? Enough to get the Legendary Big Trouble in Little China card game instant it hit the shelves. In addition to the soundtrack to something close to it, besides Stranger Things, look at the crazy Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon which feels like it took it’s cyborg heart & shoved in a jukebox where the music was written by John Carpenter.

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